Bulk CBD extracts and Hemp Biomass are not created equal

The end use product purchased by consumers is only as good as the quality of its ingredients and processing. We require our suppliers adhere to stringent standards and critical specifications. Our internal operations team ensures that all our products are tested to be free of damaging pesticides, residual sol vents, and heavy metals. Our lab partners utilize state of the art equipment and hold top accreditations and certifications such as ISO17025, AHCA, CLIA.

Wholesale Hemp Biomass

Wholesale Hemp Biomass refers to the remaining organic materials (leaves & stalks) after the flower and seeds have been harvested from the plant. In other crops the biomass is discarded, but not in the case of Hemp. The hemp biomass when dried can be purposed and refined to produce CBD oil, textiles, and other products. Our suppliers only provide the best in class organic Hemp biomass. Please contact us for a one-on-one direct consultation of your bulk Hemp product needs.

We would be happy to assist you in selling your Hemp biomass. We can provide “Hemp Futures” on your upcoming harvests. Our existing farmers rave about our “Grow and Sold” program and family-oriented culture. We simplify the biomass sales process to eliminate the concerns and risks of selling your product on the open market. You will know your profit potential before planting the first seedlings. Based on the 2018 Farm Bill; Hemp is legal to process and resale. Learn more about our Wholesale Hemp Biomass.

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Wholesale Full Spectrum CBD Oils & Distillate

Full spectrum CBD oil contains all the key ingredients and benefits of the whole or entire Hemp plant. The THC levels in our CBD oils are minimal and well below 0.3%. Quality raw materials and industry leading practices are the keys to obtaining high quality CBD products while maintaining the minimal level of THC as required by Federal regulations. Our partner suppliers initiate the Hemp cultivation process with world class seeds, seedlings, and clones, which result in superior levels of CBD, a complete array of cannabinoids, LOW levels of THC and minimal levels of any harmful contaminants.

There are several health benefits attributed to CBD. CBD has been touted for a wide variety of health issues, but the strongest scientific evidence is for its effectiveness in treating some of the cruelest childhood epilepsy syndromes, such as Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS). Other medications have not been very effective against these illnesses. In numerous studies CBD products was able to reduce the number of seizures, and in some cases the seizures were eliminated. CBD products are also commonly used to address anxiety for patients who suffer through the misery of insomnia. Studies suggest that CBD may help people with falling asleep and enjoying a deep sleep. CBD is primarily marketed and sold as a supplement, not a medication. Learn more about our Wholesale Full Spectrum CBD Distillate.

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Hemp Farming Futures Contract Contract

At TruSouce Hemp, our “GROW and SOLD” program will provide Cultivator education and assistance from the time the seedlings are planted to harvest. We can guarantee the purchase of your product at a pre-negotiated price. This program will eliminate guessing, concerns, and risks of selling your product on the open market. You will know your profit potential before planting the first seedlings. Learn more about our “GROW and SOLD” program.

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Land Optimization

      We understand the challenges you face. The only thing between you and a perfect project are acres of oak trees and overgrown brush and weeds. A TruSource representative will come on site to view and make recommendations to optimize your farm site. We can provide resources such as land-clearing and irrigation to prepare your land to be profitable. Our partners will guide you on solutions, designs, and installation for your unique farm. No matter how tough the application, we can provide the optimal solution. Learn more about our land assessment consulting

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Return on Investment and Profit Analysis

      An optimal crop yield is critical to maximizing the profitability of your Hemp farm. TruSource can provide the most accurate cost to revenue and breakeven analysis to identify minimum crop yields required to maximize the return on your investments. Based on proven techniques and lessons learned, our analysis can provide strategic processes to maximize your harvest yields and increase your profits. From Seeding to Sale of your harvest, we will provide guidance throughout the cultivation and business planning process. Let TruSource help simplify your start to success. To learn more about our yield enhancement and cultivation solution services please click the Get Started Today.

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Business Development

        Identifying an optimal Business Strategy is essential to success. Establishing core fundamentals with respect to industry standards is where our team excels. Our Consultants will guide you to a better understanding of the Hemp industry and environment. We provide proven processes in evaluating and developing strategic pathways to establish a sustainable business model for the Hemp industry. We will work closely with your team throughout the process to ensure all levels of your organization can implement and execute methods and processes to surpass your strategic goals and objectives. To learn more about our business /industry strategies please click the Get Started Today.

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Hemp Compliance & Regulatory Programs

Commitment to compliance and safety is our upmost priority. Understanding and overcoming challenges in starting your hemp business, such as obtaining licenses, operational efficiency, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance are critical elements to the success of business operations and market penetration in this emerging industry. To overcome these challenges, we will work with you to generate a comprehensive strategy based on the regulatory framework of your selected market. To learn more about our Hemp compliance and regulatory support program please click Get Started Today.

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Sampling and Product Testing Procedures

Farm and crop sampling is crucial in the process of optimizing Hemp crop yield. Our sampling techniques will help assist you in achieving the most accurate test results for your crop. This information is critical in submitting accurate chemical analysis showing adherence to mandatory government requirements. Partnering with TruSource Hemp Groups’ chemical analysis will certify your CBD content and provide proof that your crop adheres to top quality standards, thus maximizing your profits. Our network providers will guide you in understanding essential crop chemistry and sampling plans tailored for your cultivation and harvesting needs. We partner with several labs throughout North America to ensure our suppliers obtain accurate testing and timely Certificates of Analysis. This information is not only a requirement, but it aids growers in making informed decisions about optimum Hemp product CBD levels, and overall crop management. To learn more about our sampling and product testing procedures please click the Get Started Today.

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Starting Your Business

TruSource Hemp Group is a trusted and proven business launch solutions provider in the agricultural, industrial and technology environments. We specialize in providing service to clients seeking to achieve superior gains and increasing shareholder value. We deliver optimal results through customized cultivation programs, marketing, advertising, branding and distributive channel methods. To learn more about new hemp product launch solutions please click the Get Started Today.

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